How to receive the monthly referral payout?

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Every CPAY token holder is a part of the revenue share distribution process stated in our WhitePaper. Here is a detailed guide.

On the last day of every month at 23:59 UTC we make a snapshot of the network to identify users who possess CPAY tokens and hence should receive their reward based on company revenue for the corresponding month. 

Please follow these steps in order to receive you revenue share:

1. Go to   

2. On the opened page you will see a special field to enter your Ethereum wallet address in.

Please note: The address you are entering must be the one where your CPAY tokens were located on the last day of the month you are claiming the revenue share for, 23:59 UTC.   

3. Once you have entered your address, your monthly referral commission will be calculated.


4. After that, please press the “Receive Monthly Reward” button to send these ETH to your wallet.

This will initiate the transfer and your revenue share will be forwarded to your wallet. 

Important: Our system doesn't process amounts with more than 6 decimals, so the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.000001 ETH. 

You can accumulate these remainders to withdraw later only if your tokens are stored on one single wallet. For example, if your calculated revenue share for January and February was 0.00000157 ETH and 0.00000243 ETH, you will be able to withdraw 0.000001 ETH in January and 0.000003 ETH in February. If you have stumbled upon any problem - just contact our Support Team through the live chat on the website.

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