How do I withdraw CPAY?

Updated 1 year ago by Konstantin

Please keep in mind: If you don’t withdraw CPay tokens, the smart-contract is not activated. That means you won’t be able to receive revenue share distribution starting January 2018. So it is better to withdraw tokens to your personal ERC20 compatible ETH wallet. That way you will be able to get revenue share or trade CPay on exchanges if needed.

How to collect CPAY tokens?

In order to collect your CPAY tokens bought during the ICO or mined during the CPAY miner game please contact our support team in the live chat on the website or via email at We will guide you through the whole process.

Important: You’re only able to withdraw all your tokens at once to only one ETH address. There is no option to divide tokens and withdraw them in parts.

Please keep in mind, you must have a Tier 2 verified Cryptopay account in order to withdraw your tokens. If you have any further concerns you can reach out to our support team by either using our live chat feature, our writing a message to our ICO telegram channel. 

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