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There are several questions that you might have regarding CPAY ICO.

How can I use my CPAY tokens?

At the moment there are 2 options available. You can store CPAY tokens in your personal ETH wallet and receive your monthly rewards. Alternatively, you can use your tokens for trading on the exchange.

Moreover, one of the ICO goals is creating a whole community around CPAY. So, there is logic in adding more utility functions to the token in the future in order to integrate it into the service and implement new ways to use the token. 

Should I withdraw tokens from Cryptopay after I bought them?

If you don’t withdraw tokens, the smart-contract is not activated. That means you won’t be able to receive your monthly revenue share. So, it is better to withdraw tokens to your personal ERC20 compatible ETH wallet. Thus you will be able to get revenue share or trade CPAY on exchanges if you want.

Please check this article to learn more about withdrawing CPAY.

Where should CPAY tokens be stored?

CPAY tokens can be stored in any ERC20 token standard compatible ETH wallet. You can also check the compatibility here.

Important: CPAY tokens are not supported by our ETH wallet yet.

I have withdrawn my tokens/my revenue share. Where can I find TX ID and other details of these transactions?

All information regarding such transactions can be found on You just need to enter your ETH address there. In the Token Transfers tab you can see all incoming and outgoing token transactions. In the Internal Transactions tab you can check that your monthly reward was sent to your ETH wallet.

Where can I find a contract address?

That's a CPAY token contract address: 0x0Ebb614204E47c09B6C3FeB9AAeCad8EE060E23E

This information can be useful as well:

Decimals: 0

Ticker: CPAY

You can also find a contact address using this link:

How much is CPAY Circulating Supply / Total Supply.

Total supply is 90,414,745 CPAY. As for Circulating Supply, you can always check it on Coinmarketcap.

Where can I buy CPAY tokens?

Our ICO public sale was finished in October 2017. At the moment you can buy CPAY tokens on HitBTC.

Do you have plans to list your tokens on other exchanges?

Yes, we do have such plans. At the moment we are negotiating the listing terms with other exchanges. We’ll let you know once CPAY token is listed there.

Do you have plans to add ERC20 token wallet?

Yes, we have a plan to add a wallet for ERC20. We'll post every product update in our Telergam chats. We'll also notify all our clients once we add ERC20 to the wallet.

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