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Do you want to buy or sell CPAY tokens on HitBTC? We will provide you with the step-by-step guide on how to start trading.

Before you start trading on HitBTC,  it’s important to know:

  • HitBTC charges fees for withdrawals.
  • Trading fees can be charged for placement and execution of certain orders. You can find more information in this article.

Let’s imagine that you want to buy some CPAY tokens.

  1. Firstly, you need to top up your ETH HitBTC account:
  • To do that go to the Account page or click on the green "Deposit" button in the top right corner:
  • Find a row of the currency you want to deposit (in our case, it will be ETH) and click on the deposit button:
  • ETH wallet address will be generated automatically: 

Use the ETH address of your HitBTC account as a destination for Ethereum transaction. 

(!) Please be informed that for each asset in your HitBTC account there's a separate unique address. It’s not possible to send certain coin to the wrong address successfully. So, make sure that you chose ETH wallet for the ETH deposit! 

You can read about the recovery of mistakenly sent deposits here.

Important: if you have generated an address before, make sure it has not changed. All old addresses are connected to your account, but they might be disabled eventually. So it is important to use the most recent address.

We strongly recommend to check the article on HitBTC website where you can find more detailed information on how to deposit funds to your account:

  • When your funds reach HitBTC, you will see a pending transaction in the "Latest transactions" section at the bottom of the Account page. It will be processed shortly. If it doesn’t, this article might be helpful.

2. Once you have funds in your Main account you can transfer the amount you want to use to your Trading account:

Just hit a blue arrow between the accounts. Specify the necessary amount and click "Transfer".

3. After your coins have been transferred to the Trading account, go to the Trading Terminal and feel free to set up an order. 

There you will see the tabs where it’s possible to create buy or sell orders:

You can choose among 3 types of orders. Please check these articles to find more information about them: Market ordersLimit ordersScaled orders.

If you prefer to use market orders, you just need to choose the amount of tokens you want to buy or the total amount of ETH you want to spend:

The market price is defined as the best available price at the moment when the order is placed. Since the price changes in the real-time, the Total and Fee are provided as estimates rather than exact values.

This is what purchasing of 1000 CPAY tokens via the limit order looks like:

Limit orders are used by traders who have decided on the price at which they are willing to trade. So, if you use a limit order, you choose the price yourself.

Once you click on “Buy” button you will see your order in the "My Orders and Trades" section nearby:

4. When someone sells tokens for the price you chose for your limit order, this order will move from the Active Orders to the Filled and Cancelled Orders tab.  At this moment you will see CPAY tokens in your CPAY Trading Account:

5.  Congratulations! You’re a trader now!

You can use your CPAY tokens for further trading or withdraw them to your ERC20 compatible ETH wallet.

The detailed information regarding the withdrawal process can be found in this article.

Please note the minimum withdrawal amount needs to be more than the network fee value. You can always check the current withdrawal fee right under the "Amount" field:

Please note this article is composed to provide our clients with the general information on how to use HitBTC services in order to buy or sell CPAY tokens. HitBTC is a separate company. If you have any further questions regarding HitBTC services, you can visit their Help Center or contact them directly via this form.

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